Vescera studio celebrates diversity and explores the less commonly seen sides of life in architectural drawings.

How to use our illustrations

Architectural drawing

Incorporate our illustrations into architectural plans to add depth and character. Enhance top-view plans, elevations, and sections with artistic details that breathe life into your designs. Whether it’s a stylish façade or intricate interior, our illustrations provide a creative touch for your architectural projects.

Craft Printing

Turn our illustrations into wearable expressions of art. Print them on T-shirts, tote bags, and other apparel to create unique fashion statements. Our illustrations on clothing not only showcase your individuality but also make for eye-catching conversation starters.

Art work & Template

Beautify your living spaces with our illustrations. Transform them into stunning wall art and home décor pieces that reflect your personal taste. With a variety of themes and styles, our illustrations can complement any room, making your space truly unique.


Latest Illustrations

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